Sandy Kirouac

 I believe that the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the ‘alphabet’, or the first essential element of living and being in Gods family! I thank God that He made the way for us, by sacrificing his life on this earth, so that we can come boldly and unashamedly into the Fathers presence! 

I am so thankful that my Mom took me and my 4 siblings regularly to church where I learned to sing so many classic hymns and harmonies! I continued in Music, receiving my Bachelor of Music, and my Masters in Teaching and I have taught Vocal Music for many years in Public schools in the suburban Detroit area. My husband Gary and I love to move in the Psalmist gift and the flow of Worship! I have been serving God for 43 years and am so thankful for every day that I have been able to grow in the unending knowledge and grace of God!