Our story is like one that you may have read about in the Bible time and time again.  Like the experiences of Moses, Joseph, Esther, Paul or Peter, we found ourselves going through difficult times- searching for God’s purpose and relevance in this life.

Sandy and Gary led the worship team with PJ Carson on guitar and vocals,  for the local church, which we considered ‘home’. As we found this home church eventually merging with two other churches in the community – we actually found ourselves being intentionally left out of the newly forming worship ministry!

The paralyzing betrayal and rejection was finally overcome when we realized that “Gods vision” for us was not being revoked- but re-worked! It was still very much in force! Our gifts and callings could not be discontinued by the men and women in our community! This Adversity was the hinge, by which this vision for Saturation Band came to be.  He gave us a new song called, Heaven Is Falling On Us  This song happens to be on our first album of six original compositions. Our album is called

These Three Words‘  

No matter what your age or past, God is looking to fulfill every dream and every hope that He has for you! – Heaven Is Falling On Us –    With love,  Saturationband