We are Back!!

It’s been quite a while since ‘SaturationBand’ has used or posted anything on our Website! HOWEVER 🙂

We are presently interviewing new replacement musician as PJ Carson is now in the process of moving on to other things he feels he needs to do.

Paul has been an absolute “Rock” with our group since the beginning, Vocals, Electric Guitar, music arraigning, recording…. You get the picture an all around blessing and very close friend!

As a group we all wish him the absolute ‘BEST’ as he moves forward. For the next few months Paul said he will be available for concerts as well as other thing as needed while we work to fill his position.

As a Christian music group (Band Ha-Ha) we’ve been preparing in every area to be able to go out and minister and now will be complete once we fill our newly open position.

We are at present a (5 to 7) piece music group, with all of the necessary equipment to do small to large venues, with three technicians for sound, video-streaming, and video large screen projection.

As soon as we have confidently filled our newly open position we will post new pictures of the group.

You can contact my directly via email or text.

garykirouac@hotmail.com or Cell 586-419-3565.

Please text me first as most of you already receive numerous spam call everyday and don’t answer them. This way I will know its a legitimate caller!

God Bless


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